Do you suffer from TMJ pain?

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TMJD (Temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction)

is a collective term for a broad range of disorders displaying signs and symptoms ranging from the following:

  • Jaw & Facial pain
  • Radiating pain to head, neck & shoulders
  • Limited movement, locking or catching with motion
  • Clicking, grinding, or popping
  • Changes in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together (malocclusion)
  • Jaw deviates to the side or protrudes with movement
We provide a thorough assessment to see what specific structures are causing the dysfunction and creating pain in your case. We then provide a very comfortable and gentle treatment to the involved areas which may include:
  • TMJ (Temporo-mandibular joint)
  • Jaw Motion
  • Surrounding musculature
  • Cervical Spine

According to the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, patients should receive a thorough cervical spine functional assessment and treatment, even in the absence of neck pain complaints. These findings are further supported by the Journal of Cranio and Oral Investigation, Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and many others.

We are trained to examine the head, neck and jaw to determine the best course of co-managed care with your oral health provider. With proper care in our clinic TMJD patients have received relief and correction, even for those having dealt with this for years. Our care will help your body to respond to the dental changes so that care received from your oral health physician has greater and lasting results.

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