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What can chiropractic do for me if I don’t have any pain? Find out why we check infants, kids and adults without pain.

The core of chiropractic care is removing interference, stress, and irritation to the nervous system (subluxation). Your nervous system controls and monitors every function in the human body. When we adjust the spine and remove the stress from the nervous system, the body can function at a more optimal level. So why wait until there is a problem or condition that needs to be treated? Just like your house and car need to be maintained in order to function and work properly – so does your body, and especially your nerve system.

Unfortunately, this is not looked at in mainstream medicine until there is a degenerative neurological pathology. Mainstream medicine is fighting the uphill battle of dealing with peoples’ reactive nature – treating a crisis when a disease finally surfaces.

If our model was a true prevention and wellness model, this chronic disease intervention would be a small portion of our medical system. When in fact it is the majority of care provided. It is not health care, but rather sick care.

I emphasize that this is not the fault of the doctors and practitioners, but rather a flawed underlying paradigm in how we approach OUR OWN health as a culture. It is the responsibility of the individual. We should start with true prevention and maintenance. Eating right, thinking well, proper exercise, and getting adjusted are all key to have our bodies function at an optimal level.


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