Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We understand why it occurs, and strategically treat it.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of Dr. Schulke’s specialties. He has helped countless others who thought they were destined for surgery (even the surgeons have been amazed at the results).

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition of irritation or compression on the median nerve which originates from the C5-T1 spinal levels. As the nerve courses out of the spine and through the upper extremity, there are a number of areas that this nerve is susceptible to irritation and compression (only one of which being the carpal tunnel in the wrist). Many times there is an overlooked involvement in the forearm, shoulder, or cervical spine.

We start with a thorough evaluation to see what specifically the cause is in your unique case. This is followed by an equally thorough approach in non-surgical treatment.
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