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Our individualized approach is just as unique as you are.

Just like the treatment we give, no two people are alike. We customize our approach with you to fit your challenges, your health goals, and your needs.

corporate wellness

Improve health outcomes and lower cost with our certified corporate wellness services.

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More than just a jaw issue, TMJD affects the head, neck & shoulders. Are you looking at all the factors?

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Sports Performance

Olympic & professional athletes use Chiropractic care for performance enhancement, should you?

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shoulder pain

Learn about our unique approach to complex shoulder conditions.

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Neck Pain

Neck pain incidence is expected to greatly increase over the next 10 years as smart phone use increases.

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family wellness care

Optimize the pillars of health with eating better, moving better & thinking better.

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carpal tunnel syndrome

Let us save you from a costly surgery. Click to learn more about our unique approach to CTS.

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Back & Hip Pain

An estimated 40% of those with back pain are forced to limit their leisure activities. We want to help you beat this statistic.

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injury prevention

We can show you how to look beyond reactively treating injuries and focus on both prevention and maximizing function & performance.

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Schulke Corporate Wellness solutions.

Our approach is to not only give you solutions to your most pressing health issues, but also create an action plan to prevent illness from impacting your life in the future.

Additional Services

Computerized Stress Analysis

Functional Movement Screens

Corrective Exercise and Physical Rehab

Online Health & Wellness Platform

Corrective Chiropractic Care

Active Release Technique

Myofascial Release Massage

K-Laser Therapy

On-site X-ray

Wellness Care

Nutritional Support

Complimentary Community Workshops

Corporate Wellness Talks

The Wellness Score Biometrics

8 Weeks to Wellness Corporate Challenge


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